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Tax Compliance Calendar for June 2024

Act Date Events
TDS 7th TDS / TCS Payment for May 2024
FEMA 7th ECB-2 Return-By Borrowers of ECB through AD Bank for May 2024
GST 10th Return for authorities deducting tax at source-GSTR 7 for May 2024
  10th Details of Supplies effected through e-commerce operator and the amount of tax collected-GSTR 8 for May 2024
  11th Details of outward supplies of taxable goods and /or services effected-GSTR 1 for May 2024
  13th Invoice Furnishing Facility (IFF) for May 2024 in Lieu of GSTR 1 for QRMP Filers
  13th Return for Input Service Distributor -GSTR 6 for May 2024
TDS 14th Issue of TDS Certificates for tax deducted u/s 194-IA, 194IB,194M in April and non Salary TDS return
  15th Certificate of tax deducted at source from any income (other than Salary and deduction of tax in case of specified citizens) for the Quarter ending 31 Mar both for the deductor who is the officer of the Government
  14th Certificate for Non Salary TDS returns
ESIC/PF 15th Provident Fund (PF) & ESI Returns and Payment for May 2024
Income Tax 15th Furnishing of statement (in Form No.64D) of income paid or created by an investment fund to its unit holder for the previous year 2023-24
    Advance Tax 1st Instalment for A.Y.2024-25
GST 20th GSTR 3B for May 2024 if aggregate turnover above Rs. 5 Crore
    Return for Non-Resident Forigen taxable person-GSTR5 for May 2024
  22nd GSTR 3B for May 2024 if aggregate turnover below Rs. 5Crore(Note1 - January 2024)
  24th GSTR 3B for May 2024 if turnover below Rs.5 Crore (Note 2- January 2024)
  25th Monthly Payment for May 2024 through Challan PMT 06 for QRMP filers
Income Tax 29th Statement (in Form No.3CEK) by an eligible investment fund under section 9A in respect of its activities in financial year
  30th Report by an approved institution/public sector company under section 35AC(4)/(5) for the year ending Mar 31
    Statement in Form no. 10 to be furnished to accumulate income for future application under section 10(21) or section 11(1) in case of Non Audit Trusts
    Furnishing Equalisation Levy Statement for the Financial Year 2023-24
Securities Transaction Tax 30th S.T.T. Return in respect of Securities transaction tax for the financial year 2023-24
TDS 30th Deposit of TDS u/s 194-IA on payment made for purchase of Property in May in Form26QB
    Deposit of TDS u/s 194M for May on Payments made to resident Contractors or Professionals greater than 50 lacs pa by individuals/HUF not subject to tax audit in Form 26QD
Professional Tax 30th Professional tax- Monthly Return Tax Liability of Rs. 1,00,000/-& above for May 2024
Note 1 For Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Gujarat, Goa, Pradesh, Maharashtra, Puducheery, Tamil Nadu, Telangana
Note 2 For Rest of India

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